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Police Raid Recovers Cash and Artifacts

Created on Sunday, 20 December 2015 15:36
Last Updated on Sunday, 20 December 2015 15:42

Several archaeological pieces were located in a building located in Colonia Villa Lobos (National Civil Police)

GUATEMALA CITY, GUATEMALA: Elements of the PNC (Civil National Police), conducted a raid on two homes Saturday in Villa Nueva about 10 Klicks south of the city.

The investigation and subsequent raid were conducted in order to dismantle a gang that was laundering money from the proceeds of various crimes.

The investigation into the case was carried out for over a month, and the two houses were used by members of the gang.


During the raid police detained 5 suspected members of the gang and recovered one hand gun and $250,751.00 in cash denominations of Guatemalan Quetzals, Honduran Lempiras, and US Dollars.

Additionally, Police recovered 50 archaeological pieces, in which there are vases, statues, carved stones shaped head, among others. 

The Ministry of Interior stated on their Twitter account that they had notified the Ministry of Culture and Sports about that evidence relevant to the artifacts to determine if the artifacts are legitimate or counterfeit goods.