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Detained Three People With Alleged Artifacts of Ciudad Blanca

Created on Monday, 06 June 2016 00:18
Last Updated on Monday, 06 June 2016 00:21

 A total of 24 items had hidden subject captured in a boat Sunday in the community of Palacios, Gracias a Dios


Gracias a Dios, Honduras - At least three people were arrested Sunday in possession of alleged archaeological artifacts from the legendary Ciudad Blanca in Gracias a Dios, in northeastern Honduras. 

The captured were identified as Fredy Arias Nole Cerna, Cerna Jeffrey Benjamin Echeverria Maradiaga and Denis Eli Reyes , all of legal age and residents in Columbus, North Coast, the Interagency Security Force (Fusina) reported. 

The authorities detailed that individuals were seized with 24 stolen artifacts, allegedly taken from White City, a pre - Columbian site hidden in the jungles of Honduras La Mosquitia. 

The subjects wore objects hidden in clothing and were transported in a boat. They were arrested in Palacios community in the municipality of Juan Francisco Bulnes, Gracias a Dios. 

In addition to these samples, Fusina also seized material of deforestation and endangered birds. 

Authorities said those captured were referred to the prosecutor of Puerto Lempira for processing. 


White City

HERALD consulted Fusina sources to confirm whether they were certain that objects in fact come from the mythical and legendary place, which was recently discovered and extracted pieces that confirmed the presence of an ancient civilization. 

The source explained that they have reason to believe that the figures are related to Ciudad Blanca, although investigating whether the detainees stole from a cellar where they had previously been placed in custody or went to the jungle and extracted them from the ruins. 

The images of the materials disseminated the Inter Force resembled those exhibited by government authorities. 

Earlier this year, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández announced the discovery of a collection of archaeological pieces on an expedition with government officials and experts. Some were put on display and others in the study. 

The Herald was the first media to delve into the jungle to search midge legend White City in 2012. Years later, the prestigious journal NatGeo also confirmed the presence of an ancient civilization.


Courtesy; El Heraldo