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France reveals that false archaeologist wants to excavate Machu Picchu

Created on Wednesday, 24 April 2013 12:29
Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 April 2013 13:58

The regional director of Culture of Cusco , David Ugarte Vega Centeno, said yesterday that the French citizen Thierry Jamin , who intended to excavate Machu Picchu in search of the tomb of Pachacutec, is not an archaeologist nor has any scientific training whatsoever.

The information was given to Ugarte by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France , who warned of the risk to our cultural heritage.

Veronique Gervais, of the Division of Research and Exchanges scientists mentioned ministry in France, met with the Ambassador of Peru in Paris, who warned of this.

"This office has sent an official letter warning that Thierry Jamin is considered a person that can harm our heritage and damaging Franco-Peruvian on archeology," said Ugarte to El Comercio.


The French Ministry supported the position taken by the Regional Directorate of Culture of Cusco, which rejected the request for Jamin to excavate Machu Picchu.

"We said that it was an adventurer who was posing as an archaeologist and whose intention was Huaquan Machu Picchu. Now we have been proved right. Should be warned regional authorities and the media to not let be surprised by this 'explorer' who wanted to push through the press, "he reiterated Ugarte.

Courtesy; El Comercio


Thierry Jamin responded to the allegations on his fb Page with the following…

Of course, we are going to ask for a right of reply to this article from "El Comercio" newspaper:

  • As we have indicated on several occasions, the education of Thierry Jamin is historian and geographer;
  • The Chief Officer of the "Machu Picchu" project is the Hilbert Sumire archaeologist with RNA N˚ BS - 0855.
  • Several judicial complaints were already presented tort of the official of the Regional Department of culture - Cusco, cited in the article of trade, on grounds of aggravated defamation and slander.
  • These new statements, saying that Thierry Jamin wants "huaquear Machu Picchu" is new defamations.
  • Again, it's part of this official maneuvers to prevent the execution of the project "Machu Picchu".

The Cusquenian and the Peruvians should not be fooled by these maneuvers. It is a cultural heritage that belongs to every Cuzco, to every Peruvian, and, finally, to the world heritage of mankind.

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