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TOPIC: Safe found in Pablo Escobar's former Miami Beach mansion

Safe found in Pablo Escobar's former Miami Beach mansion 4 years 5 months ago #16515

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As I have reported in some other post that I have made here, Drug lords are the modern day pirates in our society, and like pirates of old they are known to bury or otherwise hide some of their booty...

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A team armed with picks and metal detectors that were searching the former Miami Beach mansion of late Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar found a locked safe this Monday weighing some 600 pounds (270 kilos), media outlets reported.

The safe was discovered under the foundation of the Miami Beach house once owned by Escobar, who was gunned down in a 1993 shootout in Colombia, and will now be stored in a bank until the proprietors decide to open it to see what it has inside, El Nuevo Herald, the Spanish-speaking sister publication of The Miami Herald, said.

As yet unknown is whether the safe is full or empty.

The current owners of the mansion, Christian de Berdouare, founder and general manager of Chicken Kitchen restaurants, and his wife, journalist Jennifer Valoppi, are hunting for a fortune in money or drugs that the kingpin of the Medellin cartel could have hidden in his Miami lair.

Berdouare and his wife suspect that he could have stashed a fortune in the house he bought in 2014 for $10 million, a dwelling confiscated by U.S. authorities in the late 1980s, auctioned off and later abandoned by its next owner.
Escobar is known to have hidden money in all his mansions.

The house stands on an estate of almost 700 sq. meters (7,500 sq. feet), but its smashed pink walls and abandoned swimming pool do little to reflect the drug lord's life of luxury.

Nonetheless, the new owners said they're not concerned about any treasure they might find, since for now they just want to see the house torn down, and for good reason.

As Berdouare told the Miami Herald, "We're demolishing the house of the devil. Pablo Escobar was one of the biggest murderers and criminals in the world."

But given the expectations the mansion raised, Berdouare and his wife hired a team to break open the walls and floors in case there were any secret compartments full of money, gold or jewelry.

Once the work of the treasure hunters ends this week, the work of demolishing the house will begin.

Courtesy: EFE
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Safe found in Pablo Escobar's former Miami Beach mansion 4 years 5 months ago #16516

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B) With American folding money being invisible to detectors I would like to be able to search a place like this with the owners wanting the entire place searched with extreme prejudice and being open to destructive methods. :evil: I love ripping out walls and floors, cutting holes in closets and taking measurements to see if there are any hidden rooms and such. Who's to say that a secret room wasn't built under the pool or house that will not be found without ground penetrating radar going deep into the land. None of these drug kingpins can ever spend all of the ill gotten money and, like you said, Tommy, they have to hide it, bury it or otherwise launder or disguise it. Maybe some of you Dowsers could do your thing and see what you can feel that might be hidden. The main house is a good starting place but, knowing that the I.R.S. and every federal agency is watching your every move, I would suspect that they would find other places nearby to stash their retirement funds. And, like a lot of olden day pirates, many don't live to retire. They tend to take the location of hidden wealth to the grave with them. They really don't want to trust anyone with the location of their unsecured bank vaults. Not even family! If you hid $10,000,000 in a half dozen places would you trust even your family? That seems like a pretty big temptation even for close family unless it was someone you would be intending to leave that particular stash to if you died rather suddenly. Even then, could you be sure that that person wouldn't arrange your early demise? I think there would be hidden wealth scattered anywhere they would think that it would be safe. They all intend to retire and live luxurious lifestyles with their hidden wealth. You can not take it with you so you have to find someplace that you feel safe leaving it when you are out of town but someplace that you know you will be able to get to it later without fear of being caught digging it up or getting to it. Getting it out of the country is risky while you are under surveillance in several countries at once. What choice do you have? Do you even trust your top people? How do you carry millions of dollars to bury it or build it into some building? Nope, knowing that, eventually, someone would even tear down your house looking for your money, do you suppose that I would really hide a great deal of it in my home? I would be thinking much more secluded locations that could be accessed by motor vehicle without help and without depending on anyone. Paranoia runs rampant among these people. You are the Drug Lord and everyone wants your wealth. Think about what you would do about that. :evil:
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