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BAHAMAS 8 years 10 months ago #3075

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Re: BAHAMAS 8 years 10 months ago #3078

This is the site that I discovered January 22, 2003. Our former company, Old Charter Salvage, LLC was the principle company behind this discovery! Many have tried to lay claim to the discovery, as well as illegally excavate the site. Our company, and subsidiary Bahamian companies, have been issues 3 separate permits from the AMMC in the past, and expect to receive on in the future as well.

NOTHING or NO GROUP shall be permitted to move forward on this site until such time as the Supreme Court of the Bahamas has made it's final decision on the rightful and legal owner's of said property. This is not a matter for public speculation, and those that feel they can just ride in and ride off with the treasure are in for a very rude awakening.

We believe through archival research that this treasure can be attributed to the Pirate John Watlin & Crew; Watlin being the original spelling of his name from the 17th Century, and so identified on charts from that period. The Island of San Salvador carried the name Whatling's Island for over 250 years until the First Parliament of the Bahamas changed the name to San Salvador in 1927.

When the smoke finally clears and a fully disclosed "public" archaeological excavation has been completed, I am certain that world will stand in awe of this amazing discovery.

Don Patterson
Expedition Resources, LLC
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