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TOPIC: Lost gold of the Indies Ballad

Lost gold of the Indies Ballad 8 years 8 months ago #4313

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Here is a treasure story datng back to the days of slavery. The legend of a lost cargo of gold from a ship called The indies Ballard.Thrust into the vault of the deep off Marylands seacoast in 1792 went the triple-masted sloop, the Indies Ballad. With her sank $130,000 in gold, intended to fuel indirectly the thriving slave trade with America.

Despite two known searches, the ship and her treasure have never been found, and they remain a tempting lure for treasure seekers even after 200 years.

She put away from Boston in early spring, rounded Cape Cod, and then swerved sharply south, bound for the West Indies. Stashed below-deck aft in the captains quarters were three good-sized chests full of beaten gold wafers. Each little lustrous shard measured only one inch by four inches by one-half inch. The edges were smooth and rounded.

Originally built to freight-ship specifications, the sloop was beamy and ponderous in the open ocean. She carried no full cannon, but mounted four swiveled murderer guns designed to blast marauding boarders with a withering scatter of iron pellets.

With the morning still new, the Indies Ballad quit the Cape and plowed awkwardly past Nantucket. Alert to the brewing squalls, the captain ordered the ship kept just within the sight of land, should they need to seek shelter in a hurry.

Reaching Long Island, the ship rode into the storms blustering fringe. The ship plowed onward along the coast into the heaving seas and whirlwind gusts. She was soon engulfed in a torrential cloudburst. As the sloop skidded clumsily by New Jerseys Cape May in the churning waves, the first mate requested the captain to make port in Delaware Bay to wait out the storm. The skipper, anxious to make time and distance, demurred. About 20 minutes later, he vowed to make for Chesapeake Bay, but they never reached their goal.

Off the northern stretch of Marylands Assateague Island, the storms relentless fury overcame the wallowing Indies Ballad and plunged the sloop and her golden fortune to the ocean bottom.

About 12 of her crew, including the captain and the first mate, struggled through the pounding surf to the islands shore. They were not able to salvage the chests of gold that had been in the captains quarters. To this day, this cargo rests on the bottom of the ocean off Marylands shore. There is a possiblity that when shipwreck broke up over time the that was the golden cargo has scattered across the debris zone of the shipwreck.

There has been a few expeditions to search for this treasure but none have reported any success. So perhaps the treasure in three chests are out there some where?

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