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TOPIC: Frenchmans gold Nevada

Frenchmans gold Nevada 8 years 8 months ago #4317

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Here is another interesting story of gold found and thev finder unable to return. This story comes from Nevada where gold specualtion and the dream of a fast buck has made the state what it is today.

The French prospectors eyes widened in surprise. Flickering light from his sagebrush fire glowed dully on gold nuggets strewn on the floor of the cave he had chosen for shelter. A sudden rainstorm had caused him to stumble upon this unexpected desert bonanza.

At the time of his discovery, the Frenchman was traveling east from Surprise Valley across Nevadas Black Rock Desert. Evidently, the deposit of gold was substantial. Later, he was to report that he had found a second compartment in the rear of the cave that was literally paved with gold.

After the rainstorm, he filled a bag with nuggets and secured it to his saddle. He carefully studied surrounding landmarks, then set out on his trip once more, feeling that he could easily return.

As he rode along, the heavy gold wore a hole in the sack, and much of it was lost. However, he still had enough to fire the imagination of others when he arrived home. After obtaining supplies, he headed straight back with several companions to begin mining operations. He hoped to follow his own tracks back to the cave.

But along the way, the temperature dropped drastically. Snow began to fall. The party was not equipped for the unexpected cold, the Frenchman caught a chill, which soon developed into pneumonia, and he died.

The cave was located in a solidified deposit of water-worn pebbles. The only problem was that there were dozens of such caves in the area that fit his description, but none contained gold.

Although they searched for months, his companions were never able to find the right cave. Undoubtedly, it is still there in the Black Rock Desert. According to the Frenchmans story, when you go into a cave and you light a fire, you will discover that the floor of the cave is literally paved with gold nuggets.

A true story or the illision of a gold hungry prospector?

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