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TOPIC: Why The Summer Beach Hunting Is About To Improve

Why The Summer Beach Hunting Is About To Improve 5 years 11 months ago #14491

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Why The Summer Hunting Is About To Get Better

It's true, the summer hunting is about to get a little better and here's part of the reason why. In June we had something like 15 negative low tides between the hours of 8am and 8pm. In July we're only going to have 9 negative low tides during these same prime time beach hours.

In June we had very calm seas virtually each and every day, in July this same thing isn't going to happen as the breezes on offshore systems begin to build. So why will all of this improve our hunting conditions?

Basically it's all about herding the cattle, the increase in surf and positive tide cycles restricting the beach activity closer to shore. In June the it was like having wide open ranges, the cattle free to roam clear to out to the second sand bar without ever getting their chest wet. In July this same thing isn't going to come around quite so often, the vast majority of the beach activity not passing much further then the first line of breakers. Suddenly all the cattle are in the coral with the exception of a few brave strays.

The other thing going for us is the increase in those positive tide cycles and surf conditions, these now churning and rearranging the sand with more a bit more frequency. Add to this that we're likely to see a slight increase in those shoreline currents in many areas, these currents helping to flush some of that fine soft sand away.

All of this spells improved hunting conditions and easier access to targets simply because more targets are going to be lost over a smaller range, the increased currents and surf exposing many targets and also preventing many targets from burying themselves too deeply so quickly in some areas.

May and June are typically bad beach detecting months but things generally start to pickup “a little bit” on my area beaches in July. Whenever conditions limit the range of the cattle they also serve to limit the range where items can be lost. More targets within one's reach = more targets recovered. If you think I'm full of it you might wait until after July has passed before you express that notion. I wish those positive low tides came everyday during the height of the beach activity.
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