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TOPIC: Relics I have preserved w crisco and oven

Relics I have preserved w crisco and oven 4 years 2 months ago #16681

Heres some of the relics I have dug 1700s, 1800s, and early 1900s. Some of the iron is hard to date. I am an amateur self taught and well on my way. I would like more feed back and pointers from some of you old timers and administration. I am trying very hard to be a part of this forum and share my knowledge and digs. My rank I noticed has not been increasing and I have tried posting more. Here are some relics that I soaked in apple cider vinegar and removed rust. Then I coated them with crisco and baked in oven on 350 degrees for hour. Gimme some feed back , ideas , identify parts etc. Thank you
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Relics I have preserved w crisco and oven 4 years 2 months ago #16682

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B) Ahoy numb66611, Patience my young friend. We do appreciate the posts you have been showing. I know I check any new posts every time I log on. There are a lot of viewers who lurk in the shadows and never respond or post. Eventually you will start increasing your standings. If it was as fast as you would like everyone would be in the top of the list and standings. You are doing very well and have some very interesting items. New people are always welcome and are encouraged to participate and you are doing very good with your posts. There are many watchers on here that will never get in on the posts. I think the ranking system is automatic more than due to administration raising the rank. I am just a member also but I have been here for over 4 years since just shortly after the site started. Like you I started at zero. Don't get discouraged or feel slighted. You are doing very well and will eventually start going up in the standings and rank.

How about some information on where you hunt and about your preferred detecting areas and methods. Maybe some information about yourself. I probably overlooked it if you said where you are and where you like to hunt. Any problems with land owners, other treasure hunters or any clubs or friends you may be hunting with. Where you hunt may get other hunters in your area that might like to have a friend or another detectorist to hunt with from time to time. Sometimes hunting with someone will also increase your knowledge of the places available to you and may even teach you some tricks and local folklore that will be most helpful to you. I am sure there are some out there that were not aware of your vinegar and Crisco method of cleaning rust and protecting the iron.

Also, don't forget that we have our annual cookout next month. If you can make it there will be some of the best treasure hunters in the world there. It is always a great fun cookout with lots of food and friends. I hope you can make it.

Don't get discouraged, keep up the great work.
Count your Blessings but Remember your Dreams!
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Relics I have preserved w crisco and oven 4 years 2 months ago #16684

Thanks for geed back. As far as where I hunt ...I cant disclose that. A high standing family owns alot of land and I do mean alot . All these years they have kept people out and by the grace of god i hunt it alone only taking my gf along with her detector sometimes. George Washington and Braddock came through here and camped with their men followed by the yanks and confederate armys Indians aswell.
My arsenal. ol boy started with a 1970s early 80s whites sears roebuck tri discriminater, then bought 2 bounty hunter tracker iv's with the 4,8,and 10 inch coils. Landed me a civil war suspender clip and a 1921 bronze large british cent and lots of wheats. Then a ledgend at this hobbie around here that iur familys lived together in the Shenandoah valley for generations, he passed the torch.....I now have my baby fittingly named "GRANTS KYPTONITE " My Tesoro Vaquero. I will put it against minelabs and atpros all day long. Now its gold confederate buttons, Braddocks colonial relics, and large American 1801 cents.
When I reach my destination I get out lock the car up, go to trunk put my bookbag on, grab my shovel drop to my knee ask god to bless my hunt in prayer, pray for those souls relics I am about to discover, then I grab Grants Kyptonite and when that trunk lid drops the bullshit stops. I am like a blood hound. In the past 3 weeks I have dropped 20lbs, I get in 5 to 8 miles of hiking daily detecting. I wanna share something personal life had become very unmanageable and through the addiction of metal detecting a wonderful familys permission to hunt, and the grace of god It has saved a wretch like me. LIFE IS A DIG, AND BY DAMN I AM GOING TO HIT GOLD.....
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