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TOPIC: A Experiment

A Experiment 3 years 3 months ago #15031

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An Experiment
Lead [-]

First you need a set of rods

To make the L rods cut two hangers at the neck and straighten them. Make the handles 5" long and the long side 17"making sure that the handles are free of the old bends. Remember that these L Rods are not very sensitive but will react to a lot of different objects.

The first step is to simply take the receiving rods in your hands. Feel them: look at them: and get used to them. Outside is best for practice but inside will work. Hold the receiving rods in front of you-chest high-about 18" apart at the same height, parallel to each other and to the ground. It is best if one of the rods is one inch above the other so they won't touch each other when they cross.
The most important thing for you to do is practice a lot. Expect the rods to feel clumsy at first; awkward. The wind may blow them around somewhat. Sometimes they will swing outward too far, but don't get discouraged because we all have gone through this experience. If the rods aren't level at all times or they move a bit, don't worry. It is not that critical. After you have some practice and start working with the system, you will be able to take a set of rods in your hands and make them work properly for you in the wind, dodging trees, rocks, or any obstacles you may encounter.

Now if you want to see if you would like to learn just how these tools work I can give you a couple of ways to try....Remember if the rods do not work neither will a field generator..If you have a cell phone, Battery operated calculator or a Walkie takie with Channel 7 which should be 462.7125MHz I can tell you how to see if these tools will work for you..It is just like a free trail...Art
I have had a few messages about this..so I guess I should tell everyone
With the calculator you put in 353 equal and do nothing else...On the cell phone you put in 353 and do nothing else and on the walkie talkie you put in on channel 7 and tape the talk or send button down...Now you put it on the floor...Place some gold about 10 foot away...Now walk between them with the rods...The rods should respond....Art

Now you have to learn how to follow a signal line...I use a simple S pattern...You have to know that some signals keep going after they pass the target...After I follow the signal for a while I stop with the rods crossed..I drop one rod to my side and the up rod will point to the target...Art
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A Experiment 3 years 2 months ago #15158

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These numbers will also work . Put the numbers in and lay it on the ground. The rods will swing outward....Do not put the decimal point into the cell phone….Art
Gold 5.13 3.025 462.5625
Silver 5.68 14.955 462.7125
Lead 5.16 2.585
Copper 5.25 12.125
Iron 5.61 4.945
Aluim 5.93 22.360
Tin 5.39 9.965
Zinc 5.34
Nickel 5.23 12.810
Redwood 15.935
Dollar 9.744
Dinosaur Bones 13.48 90.3
15 for aura
Aluminum 22.360
Barium 12.000
Calcium 15.465
Carbon 12.600
Chromium 12.550
Emerald 6.900
Garnet 1.425
Granite 4.135
Mammoth Tusk 1.485 13.49 83.36
Mercury 9.125
Quartz 1.000

Aluminum 462.5625
Iron 462.6125
Carbon 467.5875
Sodium 467.6375
Copper 467.6875
Potassium 462.6000
Zinc 462.6500
Cadium 462.7000
Silver 462.5625
GOLD 462.7125

porcelain or pottery…14.72hz

Dinosour Bones…13.48 and 90.38
Closed Cave….68.75
Open Cave….62.146892
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