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TOPIC: Perfectionism is a bad disease LOL

Perfectionism is a bad disease LOL 5 years 1 month ago #15757

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My father had it. He could fix anything. Always working on our TV, trying to get just a little better picture. He's ask me to help "Just for five minutes" and it always turned into too long. When I was in my late teens I told myself I did not want to be that way. Never satisfied. Well, here I am.

Since i am preaching, I just want to say that art guy's got some issues. He's always thumbing his nose at me. I guess he really thinks he is some kind of authority. Pleeeeeeeease! I can't use the word because it is politically incorrect but one guy said he wasn't very smart. He used to have an owl as his avatar. I guess he wants people to think otherwise. It's like a skeptic using a skinhead avatar wanting people to think he is a tough guy. :laugh: I got tired of trying to show him how ignorant he is so I don't any more. But i will say a few things today and then let it go. He is clueless about the physical vs mental discrimination. He says he's a physical dowser but he used that phony calculator that is nothing but mental discrimination. I don't care if people want to use mental discrimination. i've said it's unreliable and that's a fact. I do object to his pushing that calculator because it's phony and really nothing more than a disguised bent coat hanger and it's costs hundreds of dollars. Greedy people with no conscience make big money and it hurts the hobby. He's one of them. He's the reason I don't give out much info. Even Dell doesn't like me saying this, but I really don't understand. He's always been the guy who stands up for doing the right thing. I seek the truth and this art guy ain't there or anywhere near it. I call him the false profit. Like I said, I think he has absorbed too much mercury.

Enough of that. I really do hate to dwell on the negative, but I get pushed into it. That's why i end up deleting my posts. i don't want people to think i am negative, because I really try to stay optimistic. Everybody has their weak times, and I don't hide mine.

Okay, back to what i love. Always,, always , always working on stuff. I have all kinds of LRL designs. A few rodless designs as well. I got one out today that is a passive design. Like I said I learned something the other day in a dowsing book and I put it to use on my other projects. i tell people read as much as you can--not the internet stuff so much, but every time I get out a book or even a set of instructions I find something new. Anybody who thinks they know it all is stagnant. Never stop learning.

I like the passive design because it is clean. It's a step backwards from the SSQL but I could change it. I doubt i will ever sell this one. i would need to rework it to a marketable version. Not too many people would believe it, only those with LRL knowledge.

I'm trying to get healed up. My throat started to feel better yesterday then I took a turn for the worse at my son's track meet and I really got disheartened. i have to take it easy and stay inside. And my foot tendon is not good. I was hoping I could forget about it, but it ain't going away anytime soon. It could be all season and that means I can't work on it. I'm still thankful for everything and Something good is going to happen today.

Here's an example of physical vs mental dowsing or locating (not to be confused with physical vs mental discrimination). If you have a forked stick and you find a spot where water is, you can close your eyes and count to see how many feet deep it is when the forked stick pulls down. This is mental dowsing also known as ESP because it is psychic and that means unreliable. If someone thinks by pressing buttons on a phony calculator that is is going to change anything, that's delusional. It's all mental and it doesn't matter if you use a bent coat hanger or a thousand dollar phony device.

Now physical dowsing would be if you slowly walk away from the spot and when the rod pulls down, that distance from the spot is how deep the water is. There's no mental or psychic ESP involved, it's only body response. A forked stick, a bent coat hanger, a phony calculator they all will work the same because it's your body response--that's physical. So no need to pay hundreds of dollars for something that does nothing more than a bent coat hanger or forked stick. It reminds me of a girl that got kidnapped and when her rescuers found here she refused to acknowledge her real name. That's the way art is with the calculator .

So physical is when there is something there that your body responds to. It could be the 45 degree sphere around a target or it could be a discriminated signal line from a MFD. Even non-discriminated targets. But the mental is like when you are getting information. If you believe that some pretend code entered into the phony calculator is going to give you information that is called superstition, or the placebo effect. Some people refuse to hear the truth.
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Perfectionism is a bad disease LOL 5 years 1 month ago #15763

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I do not push any type of device or methods. I just tell people what works for me. My Dowsing methods can be found at
I don’t care how it works as long as it does. ..Art
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