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NEW - NON-ELECTRONIC LRL 3 years 2 weeks ago #17966

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X-SCAN (Experimental) Remote sensing, multi discriminating Long Range Locator (LRL)prototype, with Laser attachment and wireless" Weight Chek"

100% Pure Physics No batteries, No wires, No electronics

Hand held, lightweight, highly directional, and non visual. You actually "Feel" when the X-Scan locks on the " Field" of a discriminated target, even blindfolded.

Range: Up to 60 + meters

Depth: X-Scan does not measure target depth It detects the emamating "Field" of a target above the ground, or water surface. The target can be at any depth as long as the Emanating "Field" is not blocked and rises to and above the surface. The "Field" of a freshly buried target on the surface, or a couple of inches in depth can usually be detected immediately. A target buried 1 foot in depth may take up to a week for the "Field" to reach the surface and be detectable. Deeper buried targets take much longer to be detectable. Weeks, months, or years, depending on the depth, soil, and atmospheric conditions. Both MFD and HID discriminating LRL's are applications to the same physics and subject to the same limitations whether they are electronic, or non-electronic.

The deepest I have detected with the X-Scan, or MFD devices, and recorded with electronic Geophysical instruments is a Silver Vein, 20 meters below the ground surface.
There are a couple of simple methods to determine the approximate target depth that can be learned.

Simple, Easy to use, hand held, light weight, highly directional, multi target element discrimination. It works according to a proven theory of MAGNETIC RESONANCE (MR) and HARMONIC INDUCTION DISCRIMINATION (HID)

X-SCAN, prototypes are nothing new. I have been experimenting, conducting scientific double blind tests, and field tests with this concept for more than 10 years. I placed the first Frequency Discriminating LRL (MFD) concept on the market in 1986 after 6 years of experimenting, testing, and personal use. There are now manufacturers of this proven basic concept (with Treasure finds) throughout the world, so I have a precedented comparison to guide me. A few Treasure Hunters have purchased my earlier X-Scan, prototypes to conduct their own experiments and provided me their personal feedback and suggestions. Their feedback has proven to be very beneficial.

Vindictive critics have attacked me viciously for the past 27 years with determined effort to put me out of business, ruin a lifelong reputation of honesty, and silence my voice. This post may give a few cause to renew their efforts. So be it.

Admittedly, in my own mind, I am amazed and logically what myself, and others have experienced with the multi-element Discrimination abilities of the X-Scan concept do not seem possible. For example. detecting and tracing buried PVC water pipe, or discriminating between the ink and dyes of modern US currency, and 1800's vintage Confederate currency, from a distance. Because of my own skepticism of this possibility I don't intend to make any advertising claims of the X-Scan's abilities, if any, but I will post in the future what appears to be happening.

It is my strong belief that with the addition of electronics and imaging software this concept will be the future of all Geophysical instruments

X-SCAN, Explanation (photo)
The Black object in the photo is an attachable Laser Pointer. (optional) It serves to point a Red beam pointing to within 5 inches of the target
It also appears that it may act as a carrier wave and better defines the target

The module near the handle is the Resonance chamber. Samples of the searched for target is placed in this chamber. Unlike electronic Frequency Discrimination (MFD) that only discriminates onr element at a time, HID appears to have the ability to detect and discriminate to specific combined elements that may be contained in a target. For example, Pharmaceuticals.

The White box pictured below the X-Scan, is the "WEIGHT CHEK". It doesn't actually measure the weight of the target, but serves to help measure the volume of the emanating magnetic field that surrounds the target and can be nulled out in increments of volume with the dial. By comparing with an object of known weight, the weight of the unseen target can be estimated. This is an extremely helpful tool in the field when analyzing the potential of a target and eliminating digging unnecessary holes. It has been used for years with the PRO-4 model, and by Dowsers, which required a connecting wire from the L-Rods to the WC. It would remotely null out up to 5 lbs, of solid target weight, or up to 2 ounces of Micron particles, sulphide and oxidation which resonates strongly.
The WC, I am working on now requires no batteries or attached wires and the present model nulls out by volume, up to 20 lbs of solid target weight, and about 2 ounces of Micron particles, Sulphide, or Oxidation.

Thanks for reading. Dell
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