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FREE LRL? 3 years 2 weeks ago #17967

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Treasure Hunters are paying thousands of dollars for Frequency Discrimination, (MFD) Long Range Locator (LRL) when they may already own one. Your Cell (smart) phone, or tablet, makes an excellent Frequency Discrimination LRL.

It's easy. Just download any Free Frequency Generator app to your Cell phone, or tablet.
An example can be found by clicking on this URL, and download the app to your cell phone, or tablet.


There are a number of sub harmonic frequencies that can be used to discriminate and detect an element. You can experiment to find the ones that suit you best. I will start you off with a couple of frequencies to experiment with and I'll add more to the Treasure Hunters Forum later.

GOLD 222 hz
SILVER 335 hz

Instructions: Set the app to your desired frequency with full volume for maximum distance. The volume control can also be used as Weight Check, to compare against a known size test target. Rest your cell phone flat on any object below waist high. Wait 1 minute, and then began your scan using either one, or two L-Rods. Two L-Rods will provide more information about your target. If you already use a swivel handle LRL such as Electroscope you can use it to trace the discriminated Signal line of your Cell phone to the target. DON'T turn the Power Switch of your hand held LRL on. Leave it in the "Off" position.

A lot of information can be gained about a buried target with a Frequency Generator, and a pair of L-Rods, but the secret is in learning to correctly interpret the reactions of the L-Rods. I will be adding 4 pages of instructions using the L-Rods to the forum later.

I appreciate if you will register, and sign to "Treasure Hunters" on FACEBOOK and give us your feedback. Many Thanks, Dell
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