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WHAT ARE THE ODDS? 6 years 5 months ago #5790

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MFD/LRL, A SKEPTICS TEST, UNDER CONTROLLED CONDITIONS: Here is the scenario, 12 holes, 18 inches deep, were angered 20 feet apart in a semi circle. The MFD was placed in the center. 8 seperate double blind tests were conducted on detecting 11 Gold Krugerrands, or a chunk of Silver, by a proclaimed expert, of which 6 tests of the 8, were reported by the sponsors to be accurate.

MFD FIELD TEST UNDER NATURAL CONDITIONS: Last year, in the field, I set up the MFD/LRL at several locations on the beach where I suspected an offshore shipwreck. I detected much Gold & Silver, beyond buried deep beyond my ability to excavate. On an Emerald frequency (Beryillum), I detected a scatter of Emerald at an estimated 5 foot deep. Using a 4 inch auger inside a 6 foot Aluminum tube I recovered the cluster of Emerald, pictured below at a depth of 6 1/2 feet.

Compare the odds of a mentally Dowsed target with a needle & thread pendulum, scanning a Google earth photograph of a 110 acre farm, 700 miles away, without ever being to the site.

A stone Marker pointing to a Dowsed Union Army campsite, was mentally dowsed as being at a specific location within the 110 acre farm. The farm had been in the owners family for 60 years and they had never seen any such marker. I traveled to the site and was joined by the property owner, and a third party witness who had never been to the property either.

We hiked to the designated area and after only 10 minutes searching we found the stone marker pictured below. We followed compass headings to the Mentally Dowsed campsite and found the stone marker was pointing directly to it.

Compare the odds of identifying, and locating an unknown marker, or Treasure Trove within 110 acres of rugged terrain, 0r guessing where Emeralds, are buried under a vast expanse of beach, when it is based on the 50/50 chance guess criteria used in James Randi, and Carl Morland's, claimed Scientific Challenge tests?

If, you were a Professional Treasure hunter, which method would you use to search for deep buried, or sunken Treasure? MFD/LRL, Dowsing, or Chance guessing? There is a big difference in the methods, and the learning time. Dell

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Re: WHAT ARE THE ODDS? 6 years 5 months ago #5793

Hi Dell!

Beautiful Emerald's and Marker stone! Like you, I have been tested with an LRL (Bob Fitzgerald's Navigator) on many "real" test sites under double blind conditions, I hit 11 out of 11 on the last one, and the test was administered by a guy who can be a lot more shrewd than you or I could ever be! I have consistently located sites throughout the world using Long Range Locators, and I will always support the instruments and those that use them!

On the mental dowsing, well, I never really pursued it that much, but, I did have an interesting run at it one time. I had a guy contact me from California in 2008; he was working on a site in the Bay Area, and gave me very little information about where he was working, but did give me a description of the treasure. Well, armed with that information, I broke out the good ole Treasure Almanac, and sure enough I found a treasure that matched that description in the book! So I opened Google Earth, and after studying the map for a while, I picked a spot on the mountain where I thought the treasure might be located, selected an image that someone had taken, and I sent it to the guy that contacted me. Needless to say the guy called me right back and was in a complete panic, his words were, and I quote "How in the hell did you do that". :blink: It just so happened that the picture that I chose to send him was the exact spot where he was searching for the treasure...soooo YES...I do believe that our minds are much more powerful than we know, or understand for that matter!

So, I say let the "non-believers" and the "Amazing Randi's" of the world eat cake...crow...or $#!T for that matter! I'm an electrical engineer with over 20 years of experience in geophysics, and I know what works and what doesn't work! My advice to ANY treasure hunter is to arm yourself with every geophysical tool, conventional and unconventional, that you can find and afford! AND GO FIND SOME TREASURE...HAPPY HUNTING!

Thanks for the post Dell!

Don Patterson
Expedition Resources,LLC
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Re: WHAT ARE THE ODDS? 5 years 5 months ago #10766

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DISCLAIMER; Some of the following information was gathered from third parties, so I cannot vouch for the total accuracy. This is a synopsis,

captbilly, according to my information, during the 80's the government was developing several methods of identifying and plotting mineral deposits from the air. Satellite Imagery was one of them. To qualify the Satellite imagery locations of interest, they were further identified and plotted using a Jet aircraft flying at low altitude. This type of survey was available to the private sector at the time for $200,000 for a 50 square mile area.

Another method the government was experimenting with was a method of detecting and discriminating Mineral/metal deposits from conventional aircraft. So was I. Although both our methods were successful in detecting, and discriminating potential hot spots from the air, we both used conventional Geophysical methods and ground truthing to confirm our locations. At the time the government had invested more than a million dollars in this technology. They had the advantage.

Nova, did an interesting TV documentary on this technology. If anyone can find it, I would like to see it again?

A third method the government was experimenting with, was near infra red aerial photography. From my understanding, they paid Kodak one million dollars research grant to develop the near infra red camera technology, which they did and built 3 cameras. But, the government then had better technology and the camera was obsolete. Kodak, had a cost overrun of $200,000 which they recouped by selling one of the camera's to a Geologist in Utah. I have a copy of the Kodak receipt somewhere in storage,

An associate, hired the the Geologist to accompany him and take aerial photos of a suspect area. I was given copies of the printed copies to examine. The resolution was poor, but the natural Gold veins and deposits show up very well. There were even 3 faint rectangular shaped anomalies on a knoll that I suspect are buried Treasure.

During the 80's I was involved in the Air, Water, and Land field testing of a number of Remote sensing discrimination instruments built by the private sector. The first so called Long Range Locators (LRL) (MFD) were fully electronic from transmitter to receiver.

Although you have apparently confirmed the accuracy of the pin hole locations on a Satellite map(?) with the use of conventional Geophysics instruments, and possibly ground truthing, I seriously doubt your locations, although valid, are the result of Satellite detection. Some Dowsers, have used this ploy as a means of appearing credible.

I fell for a Dowser's "computer" generated locations myself. The guys locations were valid, but in this age of technology there is a stigma of disbelief, and ridicule if the word "Dowsed", or Dowser is used. In my case, the dowser was honest and I deceived myself into thinking "computer generated" referred to a computer like the PC in front of me. The computer the Dowser was referring to was the Biological computer (brain) inside our head as the source of his information, which has made all other technology possible. Dell
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Re: WHAT ARE THE ODDS? 3 years 6 months ago #15162

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With LRLs and dowsing, "random chance" applies to randomized blind tests, not to field use. A randomized blind test does 2 things that a field test cannot do. First, it eliminates outside influences that might alter performance results, such as observable clues. Second, it provides a baseline from which to compare results, namely guessing.

Despite intentional attempts to mislead people, random chance doesn't apply to field use. You can't ask, "What are the odds of digging 10 holes in a park and recovering a gold coin?" There is no way to calculate that, because there is not enough information*. But in a randomized blind test, it is quite easy to calculate the odds. Depending on the design of the test those odds can vary, so it is not a fixed number that applies to every test, but it's not a "moving target" either.
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