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TOPIC: Betz Report

Betz Report 5 years 7 months ago #15025

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Betz report

Water Dowsing

Report on a 10 year German Government Project
(Based on the Article published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration
Stanford University Stanford, Ca. USA , March 27, 1995)

In an article published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Scientific Exploration, a science journal with the editorial offices at Stanford University, Professor Hans-Dieter Betz, a physicist at the University of Munich, presents the results of a German government sponsored program to test and apply dowsing methods to locate water sources in arid regions. This ten year project involved over 2000 drillings in Sri Lanka, Zaire, Kenya, Namibia, Yemen and other countries and is thus the most ambitious experiment with water dowsing ever carried out.

Many studies of Dowsing applications have been made over the past century or so, but such research has always been vulnerable to insidious sceptical criticism that their evidence was too biased or too anecdotal to be offered as definitive scientific proof of the efficacy of Dowsing.While an adequate water supply is not a major problem in most industrialized nations, it is estimated that water pollution is responsible for some 80% of all diseases in Third World countries. Lack of high quality drinking water affects approximately two billion people on a worldwide scale and is a problem that is growing, according to the United Nations.

But the overall success rate is not the only indication that the dowsing phenomenon is of considerable practical use. According to Betz, what is both puzzling but enormously useful, is that in hundreds of cases the dowsers were able to predict the depth of the water source and the yield of the well to within 10 to 20 percent. We carefully considered the statistics of these correlations, and they far exceeded lucky guesses.

Read the full Betz Report, published on the net by the Journal of Scientific Exploration, at (Check the index list for "Online Sample Articles" and Click-on "Unconventional Water Detection".)
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