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TOPIC: Try Dowsing

Try Dowsing 5 years 6 months ago #15027

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these are my methods

I never thought much about how I hold my Dowsing Rods. This is how I hold them. I place the top part of the handle in the crease of the big knuckle of my index finger about a 1/2 inch from the bend of the rod. I place the lower part of the rod in the crease that goes all the way thought my hand. I close my hand lightly with my thumb touching the nail of my index finger. Now move your arm back and forth. The rod should move freely....I thought everyone had wire coat hangers until someone e-mailed me and ask where they could buy them. Just go to an auto shop or about anywhere they wear uniforms.

To make the L rods cut two hangers at the neck and straighten them. Make the handles 5" long and the long side 17"making sure that the handles are free of the old bends. Remember that these L Rods are not very sensitive but will react to a lot of different objects.

The first step is to simply take the receiving rods in your hands. Feel them: look at them: and get used to them. Outside is best for practice but inside will work. Hold the receiving rods in front of you-chest high-about 18" apart at the same height, parallel to each other and to the ground. It is best if one of the rods is one inch above the other so they won't touch each other when they cross.
The most important thing for you to do is practice a lot. Expect the rods to feel clumsy at first; awkward. The wind may blow them around somewhat. Sometimes they will swing outward too far, but don't get discouraged because we all have gone through this experience. If the rods aren't level at all times or they move a bit, don't worry. It is not that critical. After you have some practice and start working with the system, you will be able to take a set of rods in your hands and make them work properly for you in the wind, dodging trees, rocks, or any obstacles you may encounter.

Now your ready to try some Dowsing. Locate your power line to your house either overhead or under ground. Slowly walk toward the lines with the rods open. Before you get to them the rods should close. Start walking again and the rods will open and close again after you go passed the lines.

Now stretch your garden hose out and turn the water on. Your rods should close when your heel is on the hose. Now get a good size piece of steel.( I use an old lawn mower blade ) Walk slowly toward the steel and again the rods should close when your heels are on the steel.

The power lines put out an oval signal where the hose and the steel put out straight lines. Some thing to remember is that there is random signal lines so if your rods should close when they should not just ignore them for now.

Now collect a large nut or bolt, a penny, nickel, quarter and a piece of gold. Find a place that is at least 15 feet square. Walk slowly around this area and see if the rods close. I use my driveway and I have a gold signal that crosses it.
Now put the nut or bolt in the center and walk slowly toward it. As you approach the target slide your feet an inch at a time. When the rods close completely your heels will be on or beside the target. Repeat with the other objects. The rods should close on all these objects.
Now tape a penny at the end of each rod with masking tape. Start with the nut or bolt and do as before. The rods should close only on the penny.

OK so far we know you can find a penny. Now put the penny in the center. Slowly walk a square starting in the north or south direction about 10 feet from the penny. When the rods start to cross you may have to change direction so they cross equal. Now drop one rod to your side and see where the other one points. Now drop that rod and move the other one up.

They should have both pointed at the penny. Mark the spot and continue your square. You should have marked 4 spots. These spots you marked should be North , South East - West.????/

This needs a little more room and a stack of penny's won't hurt. Place the penny's so you have 20 or 30 feet of space. Find the signal line and mark it. There is two ways to follow the line to the target. From your marked spot you can walk a S pattern toward the target. Your rods will close and open each time you cross the line.
The other way is to stand on the line facing the target. As you walk toward the target your rods will form a rough V. After 2 or 3 steps stop. Side step 1/2 step to the left and right to see what your rods do. When you get to the target your rods will close.

All minerals have what is referred to as a "HALO" or cone of energy that comes to the surface at a 45 degree angle from the target. To determine the depth of a target

1. Stand over your target with the L-rods crossed.
2. Slowly walk away from the target and the rods will open and point ahead.
3. Inch along until the rods form an inverted V with the tips about 1 !/2 inches apart and mark the spot.
4. Measure the distance back to your target. That's how deep the target is.
5. If you measured 1 foot the target is less than 1 foot deep.

Once you find a signal line you have to follow it to your target. Find a large area ( thirty plus feet.) that has no random signal lines. Place your target in the center. Walk your square as far away from the target as you can. When the rods
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