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TOPIC: DowsingRods and Auras

DowsingRods and Auras 5 years 6 months ago #15126

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Dowsing Rods and Aura's

Why do I mention Dowsing Rods and Aura's? I didn't know anything about Aura's and didn't believe or disbelieve in them until I came upon a web site named Dowsing Rods and Aura's. An Aura is simply a magnet field around your body. Heres a little test you can try if you have learned to use your dowsing rods

Have a person stand in front of you. Walk slowly toward them and when your rods cross you are inside of their aura.Now back up slowly until your rods open and then close to a vee. This is the outer edge of the aura.

Now have the person focus on different emotions and measure their field simply by staying in front of them. First I have the person focus on anger.I give them a few minutes to focus and ask them to think about something that makes them angry.

I have to move forward to make the rods form a vee because anger makes the aura shrink.I then ask them to think of something that makes them very happy. Give them a few minutes and you will have to move way backwards to form the vee because happyness expands the aura way passed where the normal aura was.

Have them think of stress and love and see what happens..Have Fun..
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