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Q. I uploaded a new picture to my Profile Avatar, and it did not change.

              A. Updating your photo or Avatar is an easy process. First go to your profile by clicking on your user ID at the top of any page, or in Forums click on “My Profile”.

Once your profile comes up, place your cursor on “Edit” at the top right of your profile, and select from the drop down menu “Update your Image”, and click once.

On the Update Your Image page, click on Browse. This should bring up you’re my computer page, and select the location that you have the picture i.e. Pictures.

Find the picture you want and double click the image. The path to your image will appear in the select file field on the Update Your Image page.

Then click on the “Upload” button. This may take a while depending on the size of the image, when the process is completed your new image will appear on your profile page.