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Mission Statement:

TreasureWorks is a community of Treasure Hunters and Archaeologist whose goal is to further the knowledge and enjoyment of all Treasure Hunters in finding and preserving our past for future generations.

Guiding Principles:

As the staff of TreasureWorks, our goal is to provide our users with a safe and friendly atmosphere that will bring together new friends, attract treasure hunting and archaeologist professionals and legends in a way that creates "The Premier Website for Treasure Hunting Enthusiasts World-wide".

TreasureWorks Terms of Service:

Welcome to TreasureWorks: We are dedicated to sharing the adventure of treasure hunting and archaeology in a fun, safe and friendly environment. Our focus is to advance knowledge and enjoyment within the treasure hunting community by encouraging the mutual exchange of experiences, ideas and opinions.

To participate on TreasureWorks by posting, sending messages or uploading, you agree to abide by the following:

Terms of Service (ToS)

This is a friendly forum based on mutual respect. While the Moderators will do their best to keep it that way, it's impossible for us to review every post. If any post seems to violate the spirit of this concept, please use the Report Bad Post button at the bottom of the post to notify us. All posts are the opinions of their respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of TreasureWorks. We are not responsible for posts' content, authenticity or accuracy.

No post should exceed a "PG" rating. Profane, racial, insulting or mean spirited language is simply not allowed here and this includes any sort of harassment or cyber bullying. Threats of any sort are grounds for immediate permanent suspension; there is never a reason to resort to personal attacks. If you feel that you have been attacked, please do not retaliate; instead use the Report Bad Post button at the bottom of each post to notify us. Trolling posts or off-topic posts (hijacking) may be moderated or removed.

TreasureWorks retains all rights and privileges to all its editorial content.

Spamming or attempting to recruit our membership is expressly forbidden.

The creation of multiple accounts ("sock puppets") for one person is prohibited and grounds for suspension.

We are dedicated to keeping our users' information private and will never sell it to a third party.

TreasureWorks Moderators may, at their discretion, remove any post which advocates illegal treasure hunting or archaeological practices.

The Moderators have the last word in any dispute and are responsible for interpreting the ToS. When they deem it in the best interest of TreasureWorks, they may edit or delete: avatars, pictures, signatures, posts and threads. They may suspend users when they deem it is necessary.

Membership is a privilege and we reserve the right to deny service to any person with or without cause or notification. If a member feels they have been unfairly denied service or has received unfair moderation, an appeal may be sent by e-mail to Each appeal will be reviewed by staff members who were not previously involved in the issue that led to the appealed suspension or moderation.

TreasureWorks reserves the right to add to or amend the ToS without any prior warning or consent from its users. By completing your registration, you agree that your TreasureWorks participation will conform to any such additions or amendments to the ToS.

Terms of Service Definition: SPAM

SPAM is a message sent in any amount of a commercial or non-commercial nature which is unsolicited. More specifically, SPAM generally consists of an advertisement of some nature which is sent directly to a user or users or is posted in a forum or forums. A message does not have to be commercial in nature nor does it need to be sent in bulk to be considered SPAM under our rules.

The punishment for spamming a user or the board varies based on the severity of the SPAM. There is no such thing as “good” SPAM on our board and all members, regardless of their status, may be banned immediately for spamming the board in any manner even if it is with just one message or post. As a general rule we try to take into account the nature of all messages, commercial versus private and the degree of the abuse. Simply do not send users messages containing advertising of services, goods, links or personal ads they aren’t asking for!

Terms of Service Definition: Cyberbullying

TreasureWorks desires to be known as one of the friendliest forums on the internet. Here you can find treasure hunters and archaeologist from novice to expert sharing experiences and helpful hints. That is as it should be. Unfortunately, we have recently seen a growing number of trouble makers arriving to disrupt some websites. We call it cyberbullying and it comes in many forms.

  • Thread Hijacking: Derailing a thread with a lot of off topic banter.
  • Stalking: Following a member from thread to thread to humiliate, embarrass or otherwise cajole a member in order to make them feel unwelcome.
  • Dog Piling: Joining others in such a manner as to make a member feel threatened and unwelcome.

We need your help! If you see any of these patterns don't try to intervene! First, be sure to stay out of the fray. Second,  hit the Report Bad Post button. Then we can step in and resolve the matter hopefully in a peaceful manner.

Terms of Service Definition: PG-rated

Some material may not be suitable for pre-teenagers. Nudity and coarse language are prohibited.

Terms of Service Definition: Trolling

Exploiting the weaknesses of human nature or of an on-line community to upset people. TreasureWorks includes POV warriors, cranks, impolite users and disruptive behavior in this definition.

Banning Process

Temporary bans (5 days) can be called for by any Moderator and are automatic. This can be in response to any violation of the TOS (Moderator’s discretion), harassment of others, flaming others, or trolling. The Moderator must send a notice to the affected member’s e-mail and detail why the suspension was initiated. These should be rare and can be conditional.

Permanent Bans are considered when the member exceeds 2 suspensions in less than 6 months, openly challenges authority (not just asking a question), threatens anyone in any way, or has blatantly violated the TOS. A permanent ban requires all Moderator’s approvals or a 2/3s majority of the Moderators voting, whichever is more. A temporary ban should be called for first and then permanent banning should be discussed for at least 5 days. The Moderator who initiated the temporary ban is in charge of the process. They will also set the time for a vote (at least 5 days) and send the appropriate message if so needed. These should be very rare and can be conditional.

Under no circumstances will TreasureWorks Moderators or Advisors disclose reasons or rationale for any disciplinary action to a third party. We view this as a privacy issue and are committed to protect the privacy of the board's members at all times. While we do respect a member's desire to request a review of the status of their account, we specifically forbid the use of sock puppets (multiple user accounts) or another member's account to make your case. All such requests must be sent to for consideration. At this point of the process, we will not feel obliged to correspond any further unless we change your status. All Moderators and Advisors will forward any and all such requests sent to them personally as well.

Permanent bans can be re-visited by any Moderator at any time and only need a simple majority of the Moderators voting to be rescinded.

Our Classifieds Forum

TreasureWorks Classifieds Forum exists as a public service for the TreasureWorks Community. We make no attempts to verify any offers or claims. TreasureWorks will not enter into any attempt to resolve disputes involving our Classifieds Forums. Both the buyer and seller are on their own to complete any transaction.

  1. Messages should be clean and professional and no more than two per week. Avoid using large font sizes or more than three colors. Limit any embedded images to 300x300 pixels or smaller, files larger than this should be attached to your post.
  2. Offers must be clearly explained with all conditions and restrictions outlined upfront. Any attempt to commit fraud, deceive or otherwise harm the members of TreasureWorks will result in suspension and further reporting action if deemed necessary by TreasureWorks.
  3. There is absolutely no “bumping” of threads. This includes making any reply to a thread whose purpose is deemed to be solely to force the thread to rise to the top of the thread list page in order to gain additional exposure to a thread.
  4. The Classifieds forums are not a place to criticize, comment on or in other way speak to the reliability or history of another user’s advertisement. Messages commenting on the quality or value of a deal negatively are expressly forbidden as are messages that “flame”, “troll” or otherwise negatively attack a company for their business practices.
  5. Competing or counter offers to an advertisement in this forum must be done in a new thread.
  6. Links to auction sites (eBay, Craig's List, etc.) are ONLY allowed in the Miscellaneous Items Forum.
  7. You are expected to read any and all sticky or announcement threads related to additional rules or restrictions that may exist in a particular Classifieds sub-forum.

Photo Gallery Terms of Service

These terms apply to any individual who uploads or views photos from the TreasureWorks photo gallery and is in addition to the TreasureWorks terms of service agreement.

1. Limited Warranty

The TreasureWorks photo gallery is a free service provided to users of the TreasureWorks website. TreasureWorks photo gallery is intended to be used for displaying photos to other visitors of the TreasureWorks website; at no time should the gallery be used as an archive, backup drive or other method of file storage. TreasureWorks makes no warranty as to the integrity or reliability of any images posted to its servers. Images may be removed without warning.

2. Copyright Responsibility

All images posted the TreasureWorks photo galleries are the sole responsibility of the person who uploaded such content. By uploading an image you are stating that (1) you agree to these terms and (2) you have the legal right (copyright) to post said images. TreasureWorks reserves the right to edit, remove or otherwise modify photos uploaded but does not actively monitor or moderate photo submissions. At no point is TreasureWorks liable for harm, loss or damages resulting in uploading images to the photo gallery. TreasureWorks recommends that all photos be clearly watermarked or otherwise visually copyrighted to limit the possibility of theft. In addition, we recommend that you upload a limited resolution version of any image (i.e. 640x480) to further reduce the chances of illegal photo copying. TreasureWorks makes reasonable efforts to minimize any copyright infringement but given the public nature of the photo gallery, TreasureWorks is unable to guarantee that images will not be re-used by third parties without authorization.

3. Photo Content

The TreasureWorks photo gallery is intended for uploading treasure hunting and archeological related photos only by members of the TreasureWorks website. Offensive content including content that contains nudity, violent images, discloses personal information of individuals, slanders any individual or company or is grossly offensive is strictly forbidden. In addition, copyrighted content or materials may not be posted without authorization from the copyright holder.

4. Limited Photo License

By uploading images to the TreasureWorks photo gallery you grant TreasureWorks a non-exclusive, royalty-free, limited license to display and reproduce posted images in the TreasureWorks gallery and on other parts of the TreasureWorks website for use in promoting the photo gallery. TreasureWorks may from time to time display its photo gallery at offline events for the purposes of promoting the photo gallery. This license shall extend until such time as you remove photos at which point it will automatically expire; you have the right to remove any images at any time.

5. Use of other member's photos

As a visitor of the TreasureWorks photo gallery you are permitted to view, bookmark and use photos as virtual "eCards". At no point may you download, save, copy or in any way distribute the photos contained in the TreasureWorks photo gallery. All photos contained in the gallery are copyrighted by their legal owner, should you wish to use a photo for any purpose not explicitly listed above you must seek direct written permission from its owner.

6. Content

The photos posted to the TreasureWorks photo gallery are not screened or moderated and as such you may view content that you find offensive. In such an event you are encouraged to report the photo to an Advisor or Moderator for review and possible deletion if appropriate.

Please note: it is often difficult for TreasureWorks to determine the rightful owner of an individual photo. We may, in the process of investigating a copyright claim, require additional information to help determine the status of the photo in question.


TreasureWorks Store Terms of Service

1. Ordering -- The first time you add an item to the cart, you will be asked shipping destination and the shopping cart will show you shipping options and calculate the actual shipping charges. The shopping cart contents don't become an order until you select checkout, enter the billing information and actually submit the order. Most orders ship the same business day.

2. Prices and Invoicing -- All prices and financial transactions are in United States Dollars (US $). Prices do NOT include taxes or duties. If assessed, these charges are the responsibility of the package recipient. We will not understate the value of the order on shipping documents, or classify the contents as anything other than Merchandise. Your order will ship with a true and correct itemized invoice along with a value declaration for the invoice amount (less shipping cost, if any)

3. Currency and Exchange Rates -- The prices in currencies other than US $ are approximations and your financial institution will set their own exchange rate.

4. Shipping -- We ship directly from the US in most instances, and to any address worldwide. Items marked In Stock ordered before 12:00 Noon, Eastern Time (GMT -4), usually ship from Satellite Beach, FL 32937 USA the same day (weekends and holidays excepted). Most other orders ship within 1-2 business days. Determine shipping costs, if any, by simply adding your product choices to the shopping cart.

5. Super Saver Domestic is available for FREE on most orders totaling over $50.00 to continental U.S. addresses (including APO/FPO/DPO addresses) and on most orders totaling over $200.00 to non-continental U.S. addresses (including Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. Territories). Please note that your order may take 1-2 business days to ship. Delivery time is about 7 to 10 business days.

US Postal Service Priority Mail Domestic offers low cost delivery to all U.S. addresses, but does not provide real-time tracking information. Delivery is 3 business days or less to the 50 states, and a variable length of time to the U.S. Territories.

US Postal Service Priority Mail International shipping offers low-cost fast delivery (about two weeks, not counting any time required to clear your customs) to any address outside the US, but does not provide real-time tracking information.

US Postal Service Express Mail International is a cost-effective choice for faster delivery (about one week, not counting any time required to clear your customs) to more than 190 countries worldwide, but does not provide real-time tracking information.

6. Signature Required -- To protect you from theft or mis-direction of your shipment, we require a signature upon delivery for most packages greater than $100.00 in value. If delivering to your home is inconvenient, then you may ship the package to your work address in care of yourself. If you choose to have your shipment sent to a business, please make sure to include the business name in the shipping address. Please note that package carrier policies direct the driver to ignore any special delivery instructions such as where to leave packages.


How to Make Merchandise Returns

1. Warranty -- Everything purchased through us includes full manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty service usually requires return to either TreasureWorks or the manufacturer. You pay for warranty shipping costs back to us and we pay for the warranty shipping costs back to you.

2. Refunds -- Your complete satisfaction is our goal and we have an easy return policy. With a very few exceptions a few items clearly identified in our pricelists as non-returnable. If any item you purchase from us does not meet your expectations, you may return it for a refund. The purchase price of items returned in unused condition and original packaging within one month of the invoice date will be refunded in the same form as the original method of payment, or store credit if you prefer. Items in any other condition and items returned after one month of the invoice date will be refunded only in the form of store credit. We will issue a refund as soon as we receive your return. Any defective item or incorrect shipment will be replaced at no shipping charge to you; otherwise shipping costs are not refunded.

3. Authorization -- The invoice is your return authorization. Although not required, we suggest you contact us before returning your purchase because in many cases we can resolve your concerns without creating a return. If you elect to return your purchase, carefully pack your return for shipment back to us and inside the package please include a copy of your invoice. Please help us by making a brief note of the reason for your return on the invoice.

4. Return Shipping -- Please don't forget you will be responsible for any loss or damage to the product during return shipping. For high value returns we recommend that you select a carrier that offers package tracking, insure your package for safe return, and declare the full value of the package so that you are completely protected if the shipment is lost or damaged in transit.