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Spain will act "in defense of heritage" with the galleon 'San Jose'

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Created on Sunday, 13 December 2015 23:01

SPAIN: Secretary of State for Culture, Jose Maria Lassalle, was since Saturday in Cuba on an official visit, where he learned of the discovery of the ship San Jose. After a day of situation analysis, Lassalle said that since the Executive Mariano Rajoy addressed prudently fact, given the special relationship with Colombia Spain. But the triumphalism shown yesterday by President Juan Manuel Santos has made ​​since Culture see with concern the implementation of Colombian law of 2013 for the protection of underwater heritage. It is a rule that Lassalle had previously had occasion to discuss the news at some point -a eyes of Spain, "worrying" - with the Colombian Minister of Culture, Mariana Garces.


Lassalle stressed from Havana that "the Spanish government will ask the Colombian accurate information about the enforcement of the country in which establishes and justifies the intervention of a Spanish wreck." They then analyzed the data to, he said, “decide what action" will be taken "under defend what we understand to be the underwater heritage and respect for UNESCO conventions to which our country has committed many years ago."

According to these conventions it was possible to recover as important as the heritage of the frigate Mercedes during the lawsuit maintained with the US Company Odyssey. Stealth, insisted Lassalle, but also "a clear defense of our underwater heritage and the reservation to take all the measures that the Spanish Government considers appropriate to maintain the defense and safeguarding of it."

President Santos said yesterday that the galleon San Jose, found last November 27 in the Caribbean Sea, is "heritage of all Colombians." The ship, with its considerable treasures, was sunk by the British Navy in 1708 as part of the War of Succession.

Courtesy: El Pais