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Treasure hunter from Colorado vanishes while looking for gold in New Mexico

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Created on Monday, 25 January 2016 13:59

BROOMFIELD, Colo. -- A treasure hunter is now the one being hunted.

In early January Randy Bilyeu set out on his search for a hidden treasure he believes is buried near Santa Fe, New Mexico.

His raft, dog and car have all been found, but still no sign of the Broomfield, Colorado man.

Two years ago Carissa Nieves said her dad, Randy, discovered a new love.

“He read Forrest Fenn`s book and he read the poem and got really into it, just trying to find the treasure,” she said.

Randy has been hunting for a treasure of gold buried somewhere in the Rocky Mountains six years ago by eccentric millionaire Forrest Fenn.


“It feels like a roller coaster,” Nieves

That’s because during Randy's latest search for the treasure, in the rugged and unforgiving land west of Santa Fe, he has seemingly vanished.

“It seems like there`s been no clues,” Nieves said.

Three weeks after Randy last made contact, and still no sign of him.

“A lot of us in the treasure hunting community understood that meant that maybe he would take steps that weren`t so obvious to anyone else,” said Sacha Johnston, a fellow treasure hunter who lives in New Mexico.

Johnston and a team of more than 24 others are on the trail.

“Its not a place you want to send people out alone,” she said of the area the team is searching.

Randy's car has been located and his raft was found on the edge of the Rio Grand.

“It looked like everything was placed there on purpose,” said Johnston.

Inside the raft was Randy's faithful companion, his dog Leo.

“The dog was found very hungry and underweight,” Johnston said.

Searchers are using planes, a helicopter, ATV's and even deploying drones in hard to reach areas.

“We are doing everything in our power and financially possible to find him,” said Johnston.

The loot and the lust for it has set out a lot of lookers, but Carissa just wants her dad home.

“He has two granddaughters that would really love to see their poppop,” said Nieves.

New Mexico state police have called off their official search saying they had followed all the clues and had nowhere else to search.

Randy's family and friends are hoping to find people who may have been camping in the area and may have seen him. They are still looking for any leads.​



Courtesy: KDVR