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Storm Surf Exposes Shipwreck...

Category: Treasure
Created on Thursday, 28 January 2016 23:38

Photo by Joe Ditler

CALIFORNIA, USA: Storm after storm battered Coronado’s beaches throughout December and January, carrying away masses of sand. Suddenly, without warning, the outline of an old ship lay exposed at low tide and under gray skies. It was the shipwreck Monte Carlo, the 300-foot gambling casino that crashed on our beach New Year’s Eve 1936. It was a sin ship, according to local evangelists, who prayed for its demise. And, when the storms broke her mooring cables three miles offshore and pushed her onto our beach, every evangelist in the land took credit for the act. Rumors are that $100,000 in silver dollars remains, trapped under tons of cement and iron and sand to this day. 

Courtesy: Coronado News