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The Underwater City of Guatemala

Category: Archaeological
Created on Saturday, 08 October 2011 11:12


By: Lisa Marie Lou

GUATEMALA, Guatemala – Believed to be more than two thousand years old, and was discovered submerged at the bottom of a lake, the first city in Guatemala.

Samabaj is submerged in the Lake Atitlan, in the department of Panajachel, Solola, about 300 kilometers from Guatemala City.

Samabaj, or the Atlantis in Guatemala, was discovered by the archaeologist Roberto Samayoa, who will be formalizing its discovery in the First Festival of Culture Museum Atitlan Lakeside 2011, from 02 to 04 December this year in the department of Solola.

This place is one of the submerged most important cities in the sample was Hispanic and was inhabited and there was life on this island, which is believed growth was submerged by the lake.

This finding has been supported by different NGOs that have driven this study, which enriches the lives of past civilizations that lived in Guatemala.

Televisa news had access to several photographs of the sunken city, where you can see the richness of Hispanic architectural structures and exemplifying that there was a well developed civilization, and even had a residential structure to which the archaeologists involved in this study, we called "squares" or pictures, because its exact square structure.

Altars Samabaj residues shown having a height of about three meters high and built with stones of 60 cm high, located at the center of the development.

Under the lake also can be seen in places where civilization that inhabited Samabaj had its recreation areas, home where children could play and the women weave and make pottery.

According to Sonia Medrano, Guatemalan archaeologist in Samabaj wall structures we can see very well carved, where the stone of the residential structures is were worked to leave with smooth texture.

According to pre-Hispanic archaeological experts, Samabaj, is one of the most important wealth after the discovery of Tikal in the northern department of El Petén. This finding indicates the importance of this lake for more than two million years and still represents a natural wealth for the country of eternal spring.

After more than five years of archaeological studies made in the side Atitlan, has discovered the importance archaeological save this magical place and will continue to provide thousands of archaeological riches.


Courtesy Televisa News

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