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Treasure Hunters' Charity Rally In Sandbach

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Created on Friday, 16 September 2011 11:34

UK - TREASURE hunters unearthed a number of historical finds in a metal detecting rally organised by the Rotary Club of Sandbach Crosses on fields between Sandbach and Brereton last week.

Some 60 metal detectorists from across the North West attended the rally in fine weather and searched the 55-acre area, raising almost £500 for charity in the process.

The rally was organised in partnership with the Mold Historical Search Society.

Society organiser Colin Sharratt said: ‘All those who attended are members of metal detecting clubs and societies affiliated to the National Council for Metal Detecting – North West Region.

“The most significant finds made on the day was a Pilgrim’s Ampulla made of lead, a 14th century medieval mirror, two Roman coins, four medieval silver coins, William III silver sixpences, Victorian silver sixpences, numerous copper coins of the Victorian and Georgian period and shoe buckles.”

John Blackburn, a member of South Lancashire and Cheshire Metal Detecting Club, who found the pilgrim’s ampulla, added: “I’ve never detected an ampulla before and they are quite rare.

“It would have contained Holy Water from the Holy Land, although it’s more likely to have been obtained on a pilgrimage to Canterbury or Walsingham.

“The pilgrim could have at some point broken the top off and drunk the contents.

“Given that the water had been in the ampulla for probably over a year in transit, and impregnated with lead by then, it’s not clear it would have done him much good!”

Rotary Club president Neville Thornhill said: “This is the second such charity event the club has organized and it has gone off very well.

“While we haven’t seen such a find as the Bronze Age axe-head found last year by Goga Mitchell at Fields’ Farm, the finds have been interesting, particularly as this land had mostly not been investigated before, and there was no guarantee of finding anything!

“I’d like to add my thanks to all those who came and raised nearly £500, which will go to the Parkinson’s Disease Society, which is my nominated charity for the coming year, and to Crossroads Young Carers.’

Courtesy Guardian

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