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'Metal detecting is a cut-throat world': Police investigate after 200 coins worth £350 each 'vanish' in gold rush at charity dig

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Created on Saturday, 03 December 2011 13:57

By Neil Sears

ESSEX, UK - Metal detector enthusiasts who struck gold at a charity fundraising dig are believed to have fled with the loot – worth up to £70,000.

Enthusiasts had paid £12 each for permission to scan a farmer’s field, with the proceeds going to the local Scout group who were on hand to make bacon sandwiches and tea.

All finds were to be handed to organizer Paul James, so they could be assessed by British Museum experts to decide who owned them.

But when a haul of around 200 gold sovereigns was discovered, just two made it into the ‘finds box’.

Police are investigating the incident in the Essex village of Twinstead. After an appeal, eight detectorists came forward with 30 sovereigns.

But it is thought one person left with 70 of the coins, worth £350 each. Anyone returning them within 14 days will not face prosecution.

One witness said: ‘The find was made by someone inexperienced who started yelling about a gold coin.

'Soon there were about 100 individuals digging. It was out of hand. Metal detecting is a cut-throat world.’

Courtesy Mail Online

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